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Swot Analysis Essay - 2463 Words

opportunities and threats strategic business plan business scenario DefinitionEdit DefinitionSave to FavoritesSee ExamplesAgents, factors, or forces in an organizations external environment that are out of its control, and can directly or indirectly affect is chances of success or failure. Read more: Agents, factors, or forces in an organizations external environment that are out of its control, and can directly or indirectly affect is chances of success or failureRead more: Agents, factors, or forces in an organizations external environment that are†¦show more content†¦Enthusiasm makes me feel completely full of vibrancy. It is one of the bases of bliss. Ardor gives me a chance to captivate profoundly in things that matter profoundly. In light of the fact that I am heartfelt, I have more vigor for my hunts. Enthusiasm uplifts my mindfulness and mental sharpness. I come to be all the more physically proficient. . Enthusiasm regularly is infectious, which makes it an extraordinary administration quality. My Enthusiasm in my current setting has caused me to take charge with little to no supervision. I believe this has put a star in my crown when it come to my position as a Activity coordinator. I have been entrusted with various and many task because of my enthusiasm and passion Another strength in my current setting is a strong network. I am finding that the network system is getting stronger day by day as I continue in my weeks of my setting. The network contacts have been made available to myself and I am able to reach out and touch them if and when they are needed and they are current and are very knowledgeable in the line of business. The network system is built up with other adult daycare centers and former adultdaycareworkers whom have expert advice and resources of information. Another strength is I like to keep my personal work space well organized. I also regularly seek feedback on work performance from my supervisors. I sometime obtain feedback from clients or customers. Weaknesses Your strengths are things you do veryShow MoreRelatedEssay on SWOT Analysis627 Words   |  3 PagesSWOT ANALYSIS SWOT stands for the internal strengths, weakness and the external opportunities and threats. A swot analysis summarises the key issues from the industry and the strategic capability of an organisation that are most likely to impact on strategy development. Strengths  ·Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Strong brand awareness. (Next has a strong heritage and roots in its brand perception relating to good design and quality)  ·Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Truly integrated multi-channel clothing retailer. (Its Internet operationsRead More Swot analysis Essay810 Words   |  4 PagesSwot analysis Marketing Swot analysis focuses on the internal and external environment of our business, examining strengths and weaknesses in the internal environment and opportunities and threats in the external environment. Swot Analysis is a very effective way of identifying our strengths and weaknesses, and of examining the opportunities and threats we face. Swot analysis looks at the factors which affects the success or failure of our business. Our company’s strengths includesRead MoreSWOT analysis Essay1653 Words   |  7 PagesCyraCom International Inc. SWOT Analysis One night in 1981, Jeff Munks, a police office in San Jose, CA responded to an urgent call and arrived at a residence where a Vietnamese immigrant who spoke no English was screaming and waving his arms agitatedly. Next to him, his son was having trouble breathing. After Jeff guessed what had been happening and immediately called for an ambulance, he kept thinking about emergency situations where danger is exacerbated because of a language barrier. ThisRead MoreSwot Analysis Essay1152 Words   |  5 PagesRobbins and Coulter define the SWOT analysis as, â€Å"an analysis of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats† (239). In this paper, I will use a personal approach to the SWOT analysis to help understand the strengths and opportunities that I possess, along with the weaknesses and threats that I face. By identifying these four factors in my life, I hope to use them to my advantage as my career progresses. Realizing my own strengths and impr oving upon my own weaknesses canRead MoreEssay on Topman SWOT Analysis1275 Words   |  6 PagesTopman SWOT Analysis Strengths: Topman already has more than 309 fashion stores nationwide with another 50 stores outside the United Kingdom division. Topman boasts the worlds largest fashion store in London with over 200,000 shoppers per week, Topman gets twice deliveries per day and 7,000 looks per season. In the year 2006, Topman’s operating profit hits 110 million with its annual sales of 600 million now. It brings a strong brand image of Topman based on the successful achievement to consumer’sRead MorePersonal Swot Analysis Essay1022 Words   |  5 PagesPERSONAL SKILLS - SELF DIAGNOSTICS 1) Personal SWOT analysis. Strengths.  · Confident - I feel that I am a very confident person, in a number of different aspects. Im confident when presenting to a large crowd, confident in my academic ability, aswell as confident in putting my ideas across to another.  · Sociable - I am a very sociable person, and like to be around friends alot of the time. I am easy to get along with, and believe that people enjoy my company. I like to goRead MoreSwot Analysis of Walmart Essay2429 Words   |  10 Pagesis an un-passable opportunity.    †¢Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The owners of Wal-Mart stand to gain enormous profits from this move while India’s economy will suffer and its workers will be subjugated to the unfair work practices of this Multinational Behemoth SWOT Analysis Wal-Mart Strength * Wal-Mart is a powerful retail brand. It has a reputation for value for money, convenience and a wide range of products all in one store. * Wal-Mart has grown substantiallyRead MorePersonal Swot Analysis Essay example1143 Words   |  5 PagesPersonal SWOT Analysis The career objective that I have in my life is to have started my own business or be a owner of business. The information that follows will be presented in a SWOT analysis format that describes me and more in depth with my current career objective. My first topic will touch on my strengths, followed by my weakness, then opportunities, and finally threats to me not reaching my objective. Strengths My biggest strength toward reaching my objective is my tack that IRead MoreEssay about Walgreens SWOT Analysis1001 Words   |  5 Pagesof time for each region. Upon completion of the SWOT analysis, it has been determined that Walgreen’s has a great deal of potential. A SWOT analysis is an assessment of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (Bateman/Snell 84). Determining what is best for the business to do in order to compete or survive amongst the competition of other businesses is valuable to profit margins. The following is the SWOT analysis that our group has come up with for Walgreens. Strengths- Read MoreEssay on SWOT Analysis of Holland and Barrett1894 Words   |  8 PagesCONTENTS Page(s) 1. Introduction 1 2. Company Background 1 3. Swot Analysis 1–2 4. Strengths 3-4 5. Weaknesses 5-6 6. Opportunities 7 7. Threats 8. Recommendation/ Conclusion APA Referencing 8-9 10 10 - 12 1.0 Introduction The purpose of this report is to identify the factors found in the internal and external environments that could affect Holland and Barrett, a franchise brought to Singapore by the Jay Gee Melwani Group. 2.0 Company Background

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What to Expect From Argumentative Essay Topics about Prisons?

What to Expect From Argumentative Essay Topics about Prisons? Deciding on your topic isn't that easy. To do so, you will need to get a guide to compose the very best essay on the selected topic. You should make an effort not to use sample topics if at all possible. Sometimes, you can select a topic for an argumentative paper on your own. Therefore, the topic ought to be debatable! At length, you most likely want to choose a topic that's interesting to you and that you care about. To produce a good conclusion paragraph, you'll need to restate the subject of discussion and don't begin a new topic in the past paragraph. You will likely find a different and fantastic topic you will love to write about. The essential distinction is that you're permitted to have an opinion on the topic but it's still true that you need facts. A primary reason junk food is so often purchased is due to the low rates. Selecting an essay topic on the food business and its history in the U.S. is an intimidating job for the majority of students, as it is challenging to have away from the box and produce a fresh idea. The author states that obesity, cardiovascular disease, and the price of public aid to fast food employees, though not included in the price of a quick food meal, are a part of the hidden expenses of fast food. When it has t o do with the middle school, the argumentative essay consists of moderate topics. Studies indicate that a dog's brain releases oxytocin once it interacts with different dogs or humans. Communication technology essay topics may include a variety of ideas. You should have skills to compose a very good essay. There are lots of aspects about a sport that may be argued in an essay. As you compose the essay, you ought to be able to define science, technology and the connection between them both. The increasing use of nanotechnology and the way that it could change our lives in the not too distant future. Think about explaining what exactly technology is, have the ideal research material so you won't spend an excessive amount of time researching from several sources. Using three or more hooks in your introduction is important. You will discover a range of argumentative essay topics but picking the perfect one might be the basic and the very first step to compose an influential essay. To come across argumentative essay topics easy on various platforms, you want to comprehend about the argumentative essay. Our professional writers understand the fundamental elements of an argumentative essay. Furthermore, you'll want to learn how your readers will object to your argument. To begin with, you should check whether you will have the ability to discover reliable sources to back up your thesis. The thesis gives you a guideline on the best way to go about with writing the essay. The thesis statement also needs to be restated in conclusion. Thesis Statement Thesis statement holds a great deal of importance in any sort of essay writing. Some will be duplicated due to the character of the topics. Researching the appropriate content which should be included in your essay may require a great deal of time. You're able to pick topics from several lists of ready themes. Relevant Topics that are related to your society will engage the reader in the very best possible method. You are able to also restate the ideas that you've discussed in the body paragraphs in order to make your point valid. Even whenever you are stating your viewpoint, make sure you do not come off as biased. Of course, when you're writing inAPA (or a different citation style), you will want to modify the citation to proper format. While it might seem obvious at first, the intention of the lesson is to get the writer explain their position and persuasively argue for it. Based on the Prison Violence Prison violence is something which has been an ongoing issue and can be observed in many distinct forms. Building more prisons will merely exacerbate the issue in the long run, as a result of ineffectiveness of prisons. Obviously, one large portion of understanding the prison process is knowing its roots and development as time passes.

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Quick Guide to the Ramayana Free Essays

The Ramayana is an electrifying piece by Valmiki that exposes the readers to different relevant themes that they can relate to real-life situations. It is imperative to note that the theme is an integral part of any poem since it helps the poet to express the intended lesson, point of view and conclusion. In the poem, the author uses different outright themes, but the outstanding one is heroism. We will write a custom essay sample on Quick Guide to the Ramayana or any similar topic only for you Order Now It is ostensibly clear throughout the poem as Rama’s belligerent nature in different battles identifies him as a hero and a perfect man. The contrast between good and evil is very clear in the poem as Rama seeks to only do good in everything he undertakes. He is just, generous and a good master of his reactions. From the traits demonstrated by Rama, the greater quality of a hero is being thoughtful and mindful of his judgments, and more importantly, a champion of good deeds. The same is implied in the poem The Thousand and One Nights where Shahrazad is fearless and refuses to be cowed by male authority. She aims to teach the king a lesson, which can be relative to feminist motivation. Even though the two characters’ traits sharply contrast one another in the two poems, the similarity between them is that they are heroes in different aspects. In the case of Rama, he seeks to save members of the society by remaining just, whereas Shahrazad is ready to do even evil to save women from their unpleasant husbands. There is a lot that the readers can discern from the poem. Firstly, sometimes, an effect can be pursued through doing good or being extremely harsh, but the question is whether that is necessary. In the case of Shahrazad, being hash would be appropriate since the environment is unfriendly for loyal wives. On the other hand, Rama is a prince and is more sensitive to keep his eyes on Dharma all the times. When Sita is abducted by Ravana, the king of Lanka. In this episode, Rama is more concerned about the matters affecting the society and is willing to oppose the authority when doing harm to the people. On the other hand, Shahrazad is willing to do anything, even harm, to save women from the face of harsh husbands. Therefore, the two characters are considered heroes in the two different pieces because, through them, a greater lesson is learned, a lesson of a perfect duty to save humanity. From the two poems, one can infer a fight to defend and restore the dignity of women, which has been a great concern for the feminist movements. In the two poems, Shahrazad is a representation of women who refuse male chauvinism. She is ready to do anything to ensure that women are not subjected to harsh male authority. On the other hand, Rama is an example of a good man who does good in the society. The readers can learn a lot from these and relate them to the society. The society is marred with harsh rulers who subject their people to pain and suffering through draconian laws. It needs strong heroes like Rama and Shahrazad to install an order that takes care of the less fortunate who experience the wrath of such bad leadership. Therefore the two poems are relevant to be studied in the contemporary society. How to cite Quick Guide to the Ramayana, Papers

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The Devil In The Shape Of A Woman Book Review Essays - Witchcraft

The Devil In The Shape Of A Woman Book Review The Devil in the Shape of a Woman is a book that deals with the persecution of females in colonial America. Many women were killed and many were banned from the colonies for being accused of being witches. The men of the time had the same beliefs of their fathers, husbands, and sons. The men were hard struck in their effort to do away with woman that stood out or were different. The main reason that the females were persecuted was due to the men being afraid of the women getting too much power. The men got nervous when the women had private meetings and discussed topics that only men of the time should have been talking about. The men took this as a threat that the women were trying to take over, or that they were trying to change their role in the society. The Puritans strived upon there adherence to the rules, and this caused a problem when a woman would do something as unheard of as tell her opinion. The accusers could be someone that the women were talking in private to that would tell a man of the town. The men had brainwashed nearly all the women to ensure that there was a check on the women that they could not reach. One trait that the men found to be very evil was that of beauty. Beauty was said to have control over the men. The men said that the women with beauty could posses the mens minds and cause them to do things that they would not do otherwis e. Witchcraft was used as an enforcement of social order by punishing the women to discourage any other women from straying away from the rules. The men thought that if they made the women scared to do anything wrong, they would not do anything wrong. This worked to an extent, yet there were some women who fought till their death for their rights. The men found it very easy to take their pressures from society and blame it on women and on witchcraft. If someone grew ill, they would blame a woman close to them that may have had a prior occurrence with them. The men would find any reason that they could to divert the problems of their society. The Puritans lived by such a strict structured life that they had to find a reason for everything to happen and they had to find blame for their ills. The witches eased their yearning for resolution and gave their society a warning to stay in the parameters of the law and in the light of the word of Jesus. The creation for the need of witches came with the men of the societies need for a place to blame ills. The men made the idea of witches prominent so that they could carry on with their life and have all sins paid for. The men saw the woman of the town as more of a servant and less of an equal to them. When women got together and talked over the bible, their men, or things going on in the town, it was considered to be against the rules. The men had rules for everything. There religion was so strict that the women would be lucky to not have been called a witch in their lifetime. The men blamed everything that happened to a woman, and said that she was a witch casting a spell. The witches were necessary because the society needed a place of blame. The needed to feel that they were doing write and that the wrong was not part of them but an evil force that was interfering with their relationship with God. That is what was most important to the people of the early colonial America, to be in touch with what God asked of them. For these reasons the men and sometimes women of New England tended to blame all ills on the obvious problem, the women. Once again the book dealt with the persecution of women and how the men dealt with the woman that they thought to be of problem. The men needed a

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Electoral College Pros and Cons

Electoral College Pros and Cons The Electoral College system, long a source of controversy, came under especially heavy criticism after the 2016 presidential election when Republican Donald Trump lost the nationwide popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton by over 2.8 million votes but won the Electoral College- and thus the presidency- by 74 electoral votes. Electoral College Pros and Cons Pros:Gives the smaller states an equal voice.Prevents disputed outcomes ensuring a peaceful transition of powerReduces the costs of national presidential campaigns.Cons:Can disregard the will of the majority.Gives too few states too much electoral power.Reduces voter participation by creating a â€Å"my vote doesn’t matter† feeling. By its very nature, the Electoral College system is confusing. When you vote for a presidential candidate, you are actually voting for a group of electors from your state who have all â€Å"pledged† to vote for your candidate. Each state is allowed one elector for each of its Representatives and Senators in Congress. There are currently 538 electors, and to be elected, a candidate must get the votes of at least 270 electors. The Obsolescence Debate The Electoral College system was established by Article II of the U.S. Constitution in 1788. The Founding Fathers chose it as a compromise between allowing Congress to choose the president and having the president elected directly by the popular vote of the people. The Founders believed that most common citizens of the day were poorly educated and uninformed on political issues. Consequently, they decided that using the â€Å"proxy† votes of the well-informed electors would lessen the risk of â€Å"tyranny of the majority,† in which the voices of the minority are drowned out by those of the masses. Additionally, the Founders reasoned that the system would prevent states with larger populations from having an unequal influence on the election. Critics, however, argue that Founder’s reasoning is no longer relevant as today’s voters are better-educated and have virtually unlimited access to information and to the candidates’ stances on the issues. In addition, while the Founders considered the electors as being â€Å"free from any sinister bias† in 1788, electors today are selected by the political parties and are usually â€Å"pledged† to vote for the party’s candidate regardless of their own beliefs. Today, opinions on the future of the Electoral College range from protecting it as the basis of American democracy to abolishing it completely as an ineffective and obsolete system that may not accurately reflect the will of the people. What are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College? Advantages of the Electoral College   Promotes fair regional representation: The Electoral College gives the small states an equal voice. If the president was elected by the popular vote alone, candidates would mold their platforms to cater to the more populous states. Candidates would have no desire to consider, for example, the needs of farmers in Iowa or commercial fishermen in Maine.Provides a clean-cut outcome: Thanks to the Electoral College, presidential elections usually come to a clear and undisputed end. There is no need for wildly expensive nationwide vote recounts. If a state has significant voting irregularities, that state alone can do a recount. In addition, the fact that a candidate must gain the support of voters in several different geographic regions promotes the national cohesion needed to ensure a peaceful transfer of power.Makes campaigns less costly: Candidates rarely spend much time- or money- campaigning in states that traditionally vote for their party’s candidates. For example, Democrats rarely campaign in liberal-leaning California, just as Republicans tend to skip the more conservative Texas. Abolishing the Electoral College could make America’s many campaign financing problems even worse.  Ã‚   Disadvantages of the Electoral College   Can override the popular vote: In five presidential elections so far- 1824, 1876, 1888, 2000, and 2016- a candidate lost the nationwide popular vote but was elected president by winning the Electoral College vote. This potential to override the â€Å"will of the majority† is often cited as the main reason to abolish the Electoral College.Gives the swing states too much power: The needs and issues of voters in the 14 swing states- those that have historically voted for both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates- get a higher level of consideration than voters in other states. The candidates rarely visit the predictable non-swing states, like Texas or California. Voters in the non-swing states will see fewer campaign ads and be polled for their opinions less often voters in the swing states. As a result, the swing states, which may not necessarily represent the entire nation, hold too much electoral power.Makes people feel their vote doesn’t matter: Under the Electoral College system, while it counts, not every vote â€Å"matters.† For example, a Democrat’s vote in liberal-leaning California has far less effect on the election’s final outcome that it would in one of the less predictable swing states like Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio. The resulting lack of interest in non-swing states contributes to America’s traditionally low voter turnout rate. The Bottom Line Abolishing the Electoral College would require a constitutional amendment, a lengthy and often unsuccessful process. However, there are proposals to â€Å"reform† the Electoral College without abolishing it. One such movement, the National Popular Vote plan would ensure that the winner of the popular vote would also win at least enough Electoral College votes to be elected president. Another movement is attempting to convince states to split their electoral vote based on the percentage of the state’s popular vote for each candidate. Eliminating the winner-take-all requirement of the Electoral College at the state level would lessen the tendency for the swing states to dominate the electoral process. Sources and Further Reference â€Å"From Bullets to Ballots: The Election of 1800 and the First Peaceful Transfer of Political Power.†, Alexander. â€Å".†The Federalist Papers: No. 68 (The Mode of Electing the President), Mar. 14, 1788Meko, Tim. â€Å".†How Trump won the presidency with razor-thin margins in swing states Washington Post (Nov. 11, 2016).

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How to Fix Comma Splices Blog

How to Fix Comma Splices Blog How to Fix Comma Splices Comma splices are a common punctuation error. But would you know a comma splice if you saw one? More importantly, would you know how to fix one? If your answer to either question is â€Å"no,† then you’re in the right place. Read on to find out how to spot and fix comma splices. What Are Comma Splices? Comma splices are a type of run-on sentence. This occurs when two main clauses (i.e., full sentences that express a complete thought) are used together without the correct punctuation. In a comma splice, it is because two sentences have been joined with a comma: I love sandwiches, I eat them every day. Here, for example, â€Å"I love sandwiches† and â€Å"I eat them every day† are both full sentences. And while commas have many uses, they can’t be used to join two sentences. As such, if we see two sentences with just a comma in between them, we know we have a comma splice on our hands. If you see a comma splice in your writing, you can fix it in various ways: Placing a period between each clause Adding a coordinating conjunction after the comma Replacing the comma with a semicolon Changing the first clause into a subordinate clause We will look at each of these in a little more detail below. 1. Fixing a Comma Splice with a Period We use a period at the end of a sentence. So if we use one in place of the comma in the sentence above, we can fix the comma splice by presenting each clause as a separate sentence: I love sandwiches. I eat them every day. This is often the simplest way to fix comma splices. However, if you want to emphasize or clarify the connection between two sentences, you have a few alternatives available. 2. Fixing a Comma Splice with a Coordinating Conjunction Conjunctions are connecting words, so we can fix a comma splice by adding one after the comma: I love sandwiches, so I eat them every day. The advantage of using a conjunction is that we can show the reader how the clauses are connected. In this case we’ve used the word â€Å"so,† which means â€Å"for this reason.† We therefore know that the speaker eats sandwiches every day because of their love of bready snacks. Keep in mind, though, that we can only use coordinating conjunctions to connect two sentences. We’ll get to subordinating conjunctions later. 3. Fixing a Comma Splice with a Semicolon We can use a semicolon between two clauses to show they are related: I love sandwiches; I eat them every day. As with using â€Å"so† above, the semicolon here suggests a connection. However, the nature of the relationship here is less explicit. 4. Fixing a Comma Splice with a Subordinate Clause While commas can’t be used to connect two main clauses, they can be used when a subordinate clause comes before the main clause in a sentence. Thus, if we change the first clause in a sentence containing a comma splice into a subordinate clause, we can fix the error: Because I love sandwiches, I eat them every day. As shown above, a subordinate clause includes a subordinating conjunction – in this case, â€Å"because† – and does not form a full sentence by itself. But by changing the first clause into a subordinate clause, we now have a grammatical sentence. And the choice of subordinating conjunction here shows us the relationship between the clauses (i.e., the subordinating clause gives a reason for the main clause).

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Assignment Example The goal is to present this information in the ten minute time allotted. Benefits and methods of the proposed project are to improve on-line fire prevention information for businesses. In order to complete that task there are preliminary document checklists that should be completed in order to ensure that the project management proposal is accepted and utilized for the target deadline date. The Learning Outcomes in this Assignment prepared us to present a Project Initiation Document Checklist which describes 1. What is the project all about? 2. Why should this project go ahead? 3. Who will work on the project? 4. How and when will the project be delivered? ASSESSMENT CRITERIA 1. Choose type of leadership 2. Use practical project management 3. Understand your responsibilities as a leader for the group are 4. Understand your responsibilities as a manager for each individual are 5. Implement the Project Initiation Document Checklist 6. Team is ready to proceed with Project Management Ta sk Transformational  Leadership What Is Transformational Leadership? Transformational leadership is a type of leadership style that leads to positive changes in those who follow. Transformational leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic and passionate. Not only are these leaders concerned and involved in the process; they are also focused on helping every member of the group succeed as well. Leading and Developing Others Personal Qualities Leading the Organization Showing genuine concern Being honest and consistent Networking and achieving Enabling Acting with integrity Focuses effort Being accessible Being decisive Building shared vision Encouraging change Inspiring others Supporting a developmental culture Resolving complex problems Facilitating change sensitively Practical Project Management: The most important thing to know about project management is that first and foremost it’s a way of thinking about projects 1. Focus on the objective – A written statemen t of a project designed to achieve one or more goals 2. Starting to Plan – work through the planning process, uncover questions, problems and issues 3. Laying out the project – gather task data and prepare a rough sequence process 4. Analyzing Your Tasks – sequence first analyze tasks second and integrate the two steps 5. Managing Time and Cost – By Utilizing the PERT The Program Evaluation and Review Technique 6. How to Make and Use a Gantt Chart – Don’t reinvent the wheel save time use templates 7. Using PERT and CPM Charts – Critical Path Method to determine time, budget, and performance 8. Budgeting for Projects – determine fixed, variable costs, equipment, rentals, outside contracts 9. Managing the Project – committed teamwork, SMART Goals, communication 10. Monitor and Adjust – Utilize a project control chart to tract progress of time budget & data 11. How to wrap up the project - Determine the three Estimat es: Historical Data, Research, and Publish Data & Scenarios. Source: Practical Project Management (Dobson 1996) Project Initiation Document Checklist PID Item Check When Complete Section 1: What is the project all about?    Project title    Background    Purpose    Objectives (and how they will be measured)    Project scope    Exclusions from scope    Deliverables (including dates of completion)    Constraints    Assumptions    Section 2:Why should this project go ahead?